Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pardon, But Your Sleaze Is Showing

So, last month The Donald talked about his expertise with debt. Sure, if by expertise you mean deadbeat.

Accounts for all the lawsuits, too. Funny--I thought the wingers were against frivolous litigation...


  1. This is not a surprise to me. The guy is nothing but a low life snake oil salesman. He seems to be running a huge con job on the world actually. Numerous stories claim is is in no way worth even half what he claims to be worth money wise. The link for today shows just what a "pal of the working class" he really is. He does NOT give a flying fart in hell for the working class or the poor folks.
    About yesterday, there was noting at all I could have added to your post or the links. Oh, OK, I could have said this about Trump. The classic "do as I say not as I do".

  2. Am not surprised either. Hell, he bragged about this before being told that sovereign debt (by the world's reigning superpower) isn't the same as narcissistic asshole debt. Duh.

    And his minions eat it up. As I've said before, I'd almost feel sorry for them if they weren't his equal when it comes to being jerks. They probably admire him for pulling one over on...people just like themselves. What's the expression? All fun and games until...until they're on the receiving end.

    But then they go home and kick their dog, who doesn't deserve it. Or they moan about the foreigners/minorities/whoever they think they can also safely kick. Rinse, repeat.

    Trump is beyond farce. He's beyond irony. He's everything his supporters claim to hate, and yet they follow. Wow. Not to get all Godwin's Law (you know, the whole all arguments end up with people calling each other Nazis) but damn if it doesn't know.


    Have a good weekend. Hope your sinus issues are clearing up.