Tuesday, June 07, 2016

See Below

Asshole might be too nice.


  1. Cotton, Cruz, Christie, Rubio, Ryan, Jeb!, and Trump, among the various lesser dim bulbs of the elephant gang. They have zero limit to just how bloody damn low they will go, just because they can. Reminds me of the one decent human who asked old tail gunner Joe; "Sir, at long last. Have you no decent?" I may not have the quote exact, but I am sure you know the one I mean here. And they still claim they are for family values? What family values? Hell, even the old mafia had a real code of honor that puts this gang of clowns to shame.
    I think the ENT doc I have is a good one and he does good work so I am sure all will be fine in a week when the pain gets less and it stops draining. It is much less painful than yesterday. Apparently being that the drain part of my sinuses needed opening, I had a nasty infection up there also. Feeling much better this evening. We'll see next Monday when I go for the post op meeting. Thanks for your kind words on this. Take care and stay well. May get a bit of rain up here this week, through the weekend even according to the latest forecast. No doubt by Thursday that will have changed a good deal. Louisiana weather, if you don't like it, just wait five minutes….LOL.

  2. Yes, re: Tail-Gunner Ted Cruz...um, I mean Joe McCarthy. Funny, when I was a kid, I read about McCarthy, but couldn't understand what it meant...until I finally (in the days before the internet/YouTube/on demand, etc.) watched a documentary about Edward Murrow.

    But...I always remembered a very creepy photo of McCarthy and Roy Cohn. A famous one with him covering the microphone. Oh, even an eight year old knew he was up to no good.

    Watching the rehabilitation of creeps like McCarthy--oh, sure, it's mostly loons like Ann Coulter who overtly sing his praises, but she sets the bar/goalposts. That enables creeps like Cotton to do something despicable like this. Oh, sure, he didn't know Butts had terminal cancer. But that shouldn't matter. His hold was petty, vindictive, ugly...and unnecessary. I'm sure there are other ways to pitch a fit/throw a tantrum.

    That said, do we really want our elected leaders to throw tantrums? Well, that's all the wingnuts are good for. Hence, Trump...

    Well, good that you feel like you can trust your doc. That's important. I need to one, get a doctor, and two, start going for routine checkups and all that. It's time.

    And...yeah, a friend down here's worried that the rain might upset some camping plans he had. Hope not, but we'll see. My own plans are a lot more mundane. Chores if the weather's ok, indoor chores if not.

    Take care...