Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bum Rush

The balloon-sized bloviator is a step closer to being popped by a tack:

The Florida Supreme Court has turned down conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's request to review a lower court decision that the state could seize his medical records.

In a 4-3 decision, the court said it would not consider a motion for rehearing.

Limbaugh has been under investigation into whether he illegally went from doctor to doctor to get multiple painkiller prescriptions.

To be fair, the ACLU is taking Lamebaugh's side on this, and I'm sympathetic to THEIR position, namely, that privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality should be respected...and I'd even be willing to cut Lamebutt some slack if he'd chow down on a little crow...but Rush wants it both ways--he'll argue the ACLU position for his case ONLY, while everyone else can jump off a bridge as far as he's concerned.

And I'll show some compassion for him--after ALL those serving time for non-violent drug crimes are released from prison--and those wanting treatment for addiction get it. Until then, let him experience first-hand the effects of what he himself argued for any number of times. Maybe that'll change his mind.

Nah, I doubt it. Sadly, I also doubt Lamebutt will ever serve any time. But at least this will make his fat lardass self sweat even more.

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