Tuesday, April 26, 2005

USA: Let's Not Bicker and Argue About Who Killed Who...

He wrote the report?

The US soldiers who shot and killed an Italian secret service agent escorting a freed female hostage to safety are to be cleared of all wrongdoing, it was reported today.

Well, I'm sure glad we managed to put this behind us...sort of like how we've all pretty much forgotten another "accident" involving the US military and Italians.

Actually, there's a small silver lining to this cloud: Berlusconi, already on the hot seat for his craven fawning towards Dubya, will likely see his abysmal approval ratings plummet even further--while at the same time, it's only thanks to legislative immunity that he's not actively preparing a legal defense to allegations of corruption.

Giuliana Sgrena, wounded in the attack, has her own opinion:

"Basically all I said has not been taken into any consideration by the US Commission. This is to become a heavy burden also for the Italian government."

In the BBC article, she also described the report as "'a slap in the face' for the Italian government."

All in all, just another "incident" in Operation Enduring Clusterfuck.

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