Thursday, April 28, 2005


Al Gore delivered a speech yesterday that demonstrates clearly the difference between dignity and the gutter--the only transcript I've found thus far is at Salon (i.e., you'll need to sit through an ad if you don't subscribe).

If have the time, then by all means take a look at the speech--I don't really have any time to try lifting and posting excerpts here in any organized fashion, but, to heavily summarize, Gore compares and contrasts his own reaction to a bitter legal pill for him with those who want to topple the entire judiciary--and who are presently throwing a temper tantrum any two year old would be proud of (except that these folks are a hell of a lot scarier)--because of, well, mostly the Terry Schiavo decision, although any number of so-called "liberal" rulings (think Roe v. Wade, Godeon v. Wainwright, Loving v. Virginia, Brown v. Topeka Board of Education) don't suit them.

OK, I'll note one line from the speech, being as how you just can't make this up: according to Gore, last Sunday Tony Perkins actually said (in Bill Frist's presence) that "There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to take a black robe off the bench."

That must've made the majority leader squirm just a bit...

Anyway, Gore continues to show a remarkable degree of thoughtfulness--hell, if only he'd been more like this five years ago...

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