Thursday, April 28, 2005

Train (Wreck) Rollin--Sixteen Questions Long...

Well, I doubt Dubya will take that many questions, but the dauphin, perhaps sensing things are getting out of hand (no pun intended), will stumble and stammer through the moral equivalent of a press conference tonight, and I'll be watching.

Should be interesting--in the same way that a train wreck, or small-scale disaster is.

However, I suppose the real question will be whether the "press" continues to work in groveling/averting-their-eyes-from-the-dauphin's-visage mode or whether they realize that Bush wasn't called the Texas Souffle for nothing...well, actually he WAS called the Texas Souffle for nothing--as in "nothing upstairs."

I'm inclined to think that perhaps one or two relatively sharp questions might actually be asked, especially as I see things like last night's LOCAL news making a mocking reference to Dubya's Saudi Man-date (in this case, actually displaying the Dallas Morning News's interesting juxtaposition of photo and story). But, of course, I could be wrong--there's a reason why the term "media whore" has currency these days...well, that and James Guckert...

And, on a side note, I think things at work have finally calmed down. Not to get too technical, but Tuesday's workstation rollout (a process that will be taking one afternoon of mine each week through roughly August--minus an upcoming vacation) was one thing. But yesterday and today's installation of new domain controllers/DNS/WINS servers was both labor intensive and mildly high stress process. Fortunately, all seemed to work as well as could be expected. Again, thanks for your patience while I was busy.

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