Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm the Pope, Damnit!

Well, so much for a Fifi-esque slap on the hand from Pope Rottweiler--Spain is in his crosshairs:

Pope Benedict XVI has responded firmly to the first challenge of his papacy by condemning a Spanish government bill allowing marriage between homosexuals.

Of course, now that Don Benedict is the leader of La Familgia Catolica, it would be unseemly for him to speak directly. Ergo, it fell upon Cardinal Trujillo to deliver the message that Spain is in danger of sleeping with the fishes:

Asked about the Spanish Bill, he said:"We cannot impose the iniquitous on people.

"On the contrary, precisely because they are iniquitous the Church makes an urgent call for freedom of conscience and the duty to oppose.

"A law as profoundly iniquitous as this one is not an obligation, it cannot be an obligation. One cannot say that a law is right simply because it is law."

He called on municipal officials asked to perform gay marriages to object on grounds of conscience and to refuse to go through with the ceremony, even if it meant losing their jobs.

And, of course, the Cardinal demonstrates a patronizing attitude towards gays and lesbians to boot:

The Cardinal went on to argue that the Church does not discriminate against gays, but said they needed help.

I think the church could stand to get a little help itself and give up on the gay-bashing.

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