Monday, April 18, 2005

Yet Another Victim

The number of dead Iraqis continues to rise--while the news itself ranges from the terrifying to the it seems a little odd that Raed and Riverbend take the time out to note the passing of another American--but they do.

I recall seeing one news account of Marla Ruzicka (I think it was on Nightline). My opinion was that she seemed young, but dedicated and serious about what she was doing. Strange enough, roughly a week or two ago I recall wondering, first, what was this person's name again, and was she still in the miserable hell-hole that the Bush policy has created in the country?

She was--and, unfortunately, Ms. Ruzicka is another victim, along with her colleague, who goes by the single name Faiz.

Riverbend, Raed, and Justin Alexander all have posts up. You can search for news stories here.

Something tells me you won't be seeing any comment from the Bush administration--beyond perhaps an admonition that Iraq "is a dangerous place" (it sure as hell is NOW). But it's certainly sad that Ruzicka lost her life, because I think when people say that they admire Americans (as opposed to the American government), it is people like her--and others, like Rachel Corrie--that they're speaking about.

Even in a "successful" war, there really aren't any "winners." And there's no way the war in Iraq can be claimed as a success...which means it will simply continue to claim lives until the US leaves and Iraqis work out whatever system of government they decide upon. Hardly worth claiming as a legacy--but it reflects the nature of this administration like you wouldn't believe, because it turned out to be all bluster, but essentially empty.

Unfortunatly, a lot of very good people have perished, thanks to Bush (not that he cares). And Marla Ruzicka is one of those...

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