Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cue Up the Wagner

Operation Fucktard--2003

Operation Swarmer--2006

Maybe pull this up in a separate window.

Two words: Last throes.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- About 1,500 Iraqi and American forces stormed into a restive region north of the capital Thursday, searching for insurgents and terrorists, the U.S. military said.

More than 50 aircraft and 200 tactical ground vehicles are involved in Operation Swarmer, a mission to find insurgents in rural areas of Salaheddin province northeast of Samarra.

Six words: Dick Cheney is full of shit.

And this, from Steve Gilliard:

A tribal sheik who lives on the outskirts of the troubled Anbar town of Ramadi, who asked that he be identified as Abu Tahseen instead of by his full name out of fear of possible retribution, said that the strikes create more insurgents than they kill because of the region's tribal dictates of revenge.

"They (the Americans) think: `As long as there are resistance fighters operating in this spot, we will wipe it out entirely,'" Abu Tahseen said, using the term for insurgents favored by Iraqis sympathetic to their cause. "As you know, our nature is a tribal one, and so if one from us is killed, we kill three or four in return."

Anyone who thinks this operation--or, for that matter, ANY combat operation--can be accomplished "cleanly" is as full of shit as Cheney--and his equally full of shit cronies. And remember, this is their war and their model for how they pretty much deal with everything.

"Incompetent?" That's being awfully generous.

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