Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sans Photos

I've only been trying to upload pictures since around 10 this morning...I guess it's just not gonna happen, and, of course, there's no explanation on Blogger's status page, much less any indication that they'll actually fix the problem...

Anyway, this post was to be entitled something like "When the Levees Break--in Mesopotamia," given the latest news on the internets. The stench of Team Bush's "policy" is so awful that even they're basically ignoring it, sort of like a Katrina Fridge on the neutral ground.

What we're seeing in Iraq right now is the political equivalent of what everyone knew about New Orleans, pre-Katrina...and with similar "plans" from Shrub, et al, that is to say, pretty much no plan at all. The US military, perhaps wisely, is on the sidelines, England is starting to pull troops, James Baker is being called on for political damage control, not that it's gonna matter a fuck of a lot. At this point, the United States is merely along for the ride.

Quite a departure from the halcyon days of Mission Accomplished--or should I say hollow days? And, not that the wingnuts actually give a shit, but the folks they claimed to be liberating will be liberated--from electricity, that is--this summer, which, as anyone with a brain knows, Senator Hatch, is more than just a bit on the warm side in Mesopotamia. Nice going.

At this point, there's only ONE way that the US could salvage even the semblence of a "victory" in Iraq. Unfortunately, it's the "annihilate them all, or at least as many as we can without regard" option, which kind of undercuts any claim of concern for human rights and individual dignity (not that the 'nut crowd ever actually BELIEVED that)...and, another thing that I find interesting is that at this point we've pretty much used every tactic to maintain "order" once employed by Saddam Hussein: torture, rape, hostage taking, group punishment, etc.--all for the low, low price of-- 2300 US soldiers killed, some 17,000 wounded, and not quite $250 billion dollars--and counting.

And Democrats are worried about censuring Smirk-Chimp for breaking the law? Geez.

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