Friday, March 17, 2006

He Hath Spoken!


I haven't forgotten my promise to monitor the White House website for updates on what--if anything--Team Bush is doing in response to Hurricanes Katrina AND Rita (this morning the radio reminded me that it's now been six months since the latter storm).

Well, there's finally been an update:

Statement by the President
I applaud the House for its quick passage of legislation to provide vital resources for two of our Nation's top priorities. This bill will give our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan tools they need to prevail in the war on terror. The legislation also provides for additional resources for the people of the Gulf Coast as they continue the work of rebuilding their lives and communities. I urge the Senate to act promptly to pass legislation providing for these critical funds.

And that's it. Nothing more.

No wonder "incompetent" and "idiot" are the top two descriptives of one George W. Bush, according to recent polling data.

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