Friday, March 17, 2006

March of the Lemmings

Oyster has a few more quotes along the lines of those Atrios posted the other day. And Tom Tomorrow found some gems, too. Your Wingnut Echo Chamber in action.

Full disclosure: one reason why I'm posting these (second time for the FAIR page) is that I'll hopefully remember the day/date of the post for future reference. I added a comment over at YRHT stating my opinion that the news cycles generates its own "memory hole" and quotes from the 'nuts end up being (for them, conveniently) forgotten.

Take a good look--you'll notice several things, not the least being that the wingnut position, far from having ANY degree of concern for Iraq or "the Iraqi people," was from the beginning a very cynical attempt to demonstrate 'nut "strength" versus "liberal" weakness. That even a successful war along the lines of Gulf I would certainly involve very ugly varieties of death, injuries, maiming, and so on didn't matter one bit: casualties were just so much meat to the slaughterhouse. No, the WHOLE point of Gulf War II was theater--hence, "Mission Accomplished," "Bring 'em on," "Last throes," dinner party jokes about no WMD's, etc. In fact, until quite recently, it was impossible to get most nuts to even grudgingly admit that Operation Enduring Clusterfuck was anything less than a smashing success (as recently as this week dingbat Ed Rogers was barking about how great things were in Mesopotamia, which I guess makes it easier to understand the response to Hurricane Katrina).

Well, their fodder for dinner party jokes just took an extra $91 billion dollars from the US Treasury that could've been earmarked for Gulf OF MEXICO Coast recovery, while the casualty count for US soldiers stands at roughly 20,000 (2300 dead, approximately 17,000 wounded)...Iraqi dead number, at the very least, in the tens of thousands, the new Iraqi parliament's first session lasted, fittingly, about as long as your average sitcom, and, in the words of Zalmay Khalilzad, we've opened a Pandora's Box with our foolish invasion.

And it was all about playing politics.

Which speaks volumes about the people running the government...
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