Wednesday, March 01, 2006

When a Blogger Meets a Blogger...

Coming through DBA.

No, I didn't meet Scout, but I was at DBA for when the second line came through and this video was made.

Unfortunately, I really did need to hit the road and head home. Klezmer All-Stars were scheduled, but the load-in was running late, and I couldn't stick around. Oh well. It was still a good time and perhaps a hopeful sign that the city can overcome a horrific storm, a catastrophic flood, and the sea of lunatics who comprise Team Bush.

Speaking of lunatics: I think I'll be checking the White House website regularly for any news related to the storm and flood--just to see what, if anything, they're saying. Today, for instance, my search term--"Katrina"--found nothing more recent than January 26th. The "Hurricane Recovery" page has slightly more recent "news," having been updated around February 23rd to reflect the publication of the administration's coloring book review...and, amazingly, I was able to find the pResident's personal copy:

On a more ominous note, my search on Google News turned up this:

President George W. Bush, who has acknowledged failings in the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, said on Tuesday that the media had better details about the catastrophe than the government did.

The ONLY reason this would be the case would be that Shrub and the incompetent boob/cronies he appointed to positions in government DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT. And, you know what? It's reflected in the stale reports on their own website.

I'd like to see Shrub, his almost-lethal veep (oh, and I think Cheney might've been on a Zulu float yesterday: I got hit in the face with a strand of beads), and the rest of them should be--no pun intended--peppered with questions every day, if not every hour, as to what they've done to address the situation on the Gulf Coast. Because if they don't get hassled, they'll try to sweep things under the proverbial rug.

As it's said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Maybe I can't make the kind of noise that's heard in DC, but hopefully some can (and I'll be ready to help in any way).

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