Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Boy

I'll post later on his maverickiness VP selection (short version: I think we all recognize a "fourth and long" situation when we see it), but let's all remember August 29th...whether it be because we want to wish John Sidney Vicious McCain a happy 72nd, or whether we've got other things on our mind. Oh, and I appreciate Pravda-Upon-Hudson noting this, although I wish they'd maybe focused on it three years ago when Team Bush was working overtime on victim-blaming:

It is one of the myths of Katrina that the citizens were caught unprepared and unheedful. In fact, with tiny notice -- barely a day -- the vast majority proceeded to an orderly evacuation after stern official warnings, filling the highways out of town, but getting out safely.

The evacuation of New Orleans in 2005 was unprecedented, and to this day has not been equaled. And let's hope things stay that way for now.

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