Thursday, August 28, 2008

Say What You Want, But the Guy's Still Got It

I'm one of those who consistently underestimates B.C.--probably due to a mix and match of frustration over all the DLC/triangulation stuff and the fact that, in my mind, he's still a Southern politician...sort of a classier or at least worldlier Edwin Edwards.

Watching him last night, though, reminded me that, despite the incessant shrieking from the wingnut howler monkeys during his tenure, the guy was--and is--a statesman if not an outright eminently qualified to hold the title "Leader of the Free World" in a way that George W. Bush is eminently and uniquely UNqualified.

Bush will never shake the fact that, deep down, he's got the mental processes of an ten year old with A.D.D., while Dick. Cheney. is, pure and simple, a geriatric sadist. In contrast, Bill Clinton was a president.

He knows it. We know it. Wingnuts know it--hell, that's why they went after him like they did...and, thanks to inevitable tragic flaws ALL people possess, they were able to almost wipe him out, politically speaking. But they couldn't, and they didn't, and the fact is that, while I'll never be real happy with his DLC-style policies, his legacy vis-a-vis the Bush administration will be that of a giant versus a midget.

If you don't believe me, watch next week as the Grand Old Party does their best to photoshop George W. Bush from the Twin Cities' stage.

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