Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Not Religious, But...

...if you are, and if you believe in the power of talismans or other artifacts and objects, I won't object if you employ them to whatever good effect you believe might come of their use in countering Gustav. And I'm not being glib.

On the flip side, I also agree strongly with Scout Prime--Hurricane Katrina, the federal flood--as well as Hurricane Rita, and the horror of the 2005 storm season--needs no reminders. And while I can understand why Will Bunch and others are eager to see not merely a Rethuglican defeat in November, but an thorough repudiation Bush-Cheney-Rove'ism's odious stench...believe me, the last thing the Gulf Coast needs is another major storm. Not to pile on, but Bunch et al's remarks reminded me of another odious stench, one emanating from McCain advisor Charlie Black earlier this summer, to the effect that what this country needed to kick start the Rethuglican electoral season/six month hate was another 9/11.

Maybe it's just me, but I think we've had quite enough dehumanizing over the generation or so of wingnut ascendence, culminating with Team Bush's ugly wars abroad and their callous dismissal of our fellow citizens here at home. You know, 9/11 wasn't "New York's problem," and I certainly hope Americans don't dismiss storms or levee failures as "Gulf Coasters' problems."

We're still one country...aren't we?

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