Thursday, August 28, 2008

Q: How Do You Know When a Wingnut Pundit is Lying?

A: They open their mouth and begin to speak.

Edroso is describing BoBo; the one I've been hearing, sort of, is Pat Buchanan (I've been trying to do something productive particularly during spin-zone time)--I keep hearing words to the effect that "nothing dramatic" or "radical" has occurred...usually with an underlying "tsk, tsk," as if this somehow cheapens the convention.

Bullshit. First, lets note the obvious: the Democratic National Convention nominated an African-American candidate for president. That's PLENTY dramatic enough. Second, I can guarantee that if something the 'nuts consider "dramatic" or "radical" HAD occurred, the'd have been spinning like Battling Top while insisting such a thing "proved" incompatibility with "Middle America" or equivalent nonsense.

Hell, I still believe that one of McCain's original slime-drips, namely, the Britney-Paris ad, was a none too subtle way of saying, "Hey, if you can't trust him with your daughter, how can you trust him with your country?" With that as an opening, I won't be surprised by ANY wingnut tactic, including lame attempts at jujitsu/rope-a-dope.

Emphasis on "lame."

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