Monday, November 18, 2013

No Hope

From Album 5
Well, maybe the wingers were on to something when they made him their poster boy...


  1. Oh man, he IS a tea bagger hero for sure. Don't they tend to be fundie "christians"?
    I thought he had had other law troubles, the article mentions speeding violations. Hey, got to get home fast to show the little woman that new shot gun.
    OK, officially now off.


  2. Oh, he's a piece of work, alright. And I'm guessing the Sean Hannitys and others who championed him all that time are now doing their best to purge their recollections.

    My guess is that he's on a tear in part because he feels bulletproof from the acquittal, but might also have, well, some residual guilt since I very seriously doubt his version of events with Trayvon Martin was particularly truthful. And watching the reaction, well, you know, I'd really thought we'd changed from the days of Emmitt Till...and I guess we have: it's no longer just the Deep South that has a shocking number of very ugly racists...