Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nuclear Option? Bullshit

From Album 5
But the reaction of the Rethigs speaks volumes --major tantrum, hissy fit, ominous threats. Just what you'd expect from assholes.

I'm with Ed Kilgore on this.


  1. Absolutely, Mr. Kilgore nailed it.
    Oh, pity the poor lil' teatards in the elephant gang.
    No, sorry, I cannot do so and would not even if I could.
    As some comments after his article stated, they brought this on themselves.
    OK rethugs, now, suck it up and get to work. What cry babies they are. Never can please them.

  2. And the threats are empty -- does anyone think they'll "respect" minority rights if/when they get (get, not win) a majority?

    I just wish they'd grow the fuck up -- both Clinton and Obama govern pretty much as Rockefeller Republicans anyway...