Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ted Gets Testy

From Album4
Guess he thinks the questions should be about measuring the windows at the White House for drapes or something like that...


  1. Anybody really expecting a decent answer from the tea party elephant gang is deluded. That was the best the messianic Teddy could do? And people can't understand why the country is in the mess we are in? It is because they voted for this type of clown. Wake up folks, we need real brain power and ideas, not idiotic dogma and throw away garbage can ideas.
    Sorry, I am at a loss for words just now. Trying very hard to stay with polite language.

  2. Part of me appreciates the frustration that creates teahadists...but yeah, they gravitate towards the very people that happily screw them over...all for the dubious "privilege" of getting their hate on...and ensuring they're not dead last in the pecking order.

    And as I've mentioned before, you can't reason with them. They think god (personally I'm agonistic/atheist), anyway they claim god is the supreme being, but ignore, you know, the universe...not to mention everything on earth that isn't in their immediate range of being...and insist that god is personally justifying their ignorance and hatred. So my sympathy is tempered...