Thursday, January 09, 2014

In Non Chris Christie News

From Album 5
Louie [you]-will-not-cast-aspersions-on-my-asparagus Gohmert tries once again to prove he's the looniest person in Congress...and makes a pretty good argument in his favor.


  1. OK, it is now 2014. How this sort of brainless thing keeps getting elected is a national disgrace. Kids,
    I am truly sorry for not being able to stop this sort of thing from being elected. I did the best I could. I voted for the person I thought would do the best job, and I tried to never vote for any member of either of the "animal" gangs, donkey/elephant. I tried to tell others to do the same. Now at 66, I apologize to you all that I could not do more. My sell by date is fast approaching and there is not enough wealth in the entire planet for me to change places with any of you. Not your health and vitality nor anything will convince me to hang around much longer or to start over and work harder. Sorry to leave you all with this crap. I tried my best and that is all anybody can do. You'll have to work this out on your own. I hope you are up to it. I'll do what I can as long as I am breathing, but you will have to do the heavy lifting now.

  2. Well, my generation (I'm 49), despite mine and my friends' best efforts, mostly embraced wingnuttery, coming of age during the era of Ronaldus Magnus. Some of us fortunately didn't drink the Kool-Aid, but plenty did and asked for more (e.g., Sarah Palin). That said, I do see some hope with the generation after me -- the media's all corporate, but they get their news elsewhere, are generally more urban and tolerant, and some even understand econ on a bigger level than I ever have. I guess the real question is how they'll deal with global warming, which is truly equal opportunity...don't know the answer, but definitely prefer that they're the ones, because my generation ... is awful on that.

    I don't get to too many demonstrations these days -- one, there just aren't that many -- but I tend to see people a few years older or a number of years younger than me. Which is kind of sad, but that's how it goes. Again, though, the ones just starting out just might be able to take the crap they've been given and do something positive with it. The times I do see the younger generation doing stuff, me some hope.

    But my own generation? Christ, some of em STILL think Huey Lewis and the News was one hell of a band...go figure.