Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Not Exactly News, But...

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To follow up (and recycle the picture) from a post two weeks ago, is anyone really surprised Chris Christie decided to be himself -- a vindictive (emphasis on "dic") bully? And that it was more than just a minor hassle for some? To tell the truth, this will probably make Christie even more popular with the base wingnuts...but that's why the base wingnuts are the problem.


  1. Absolutely! The "base" are totally nuts. They fall for this crap every time. I get so pissed off at this. It is 2014 now for crap sake! Good grief, see what happens when the schools no longer teach kids critical thinking? This sort of total BS gets headlines and followers by the drove. Damn to hell all those who stopped kids from learning to actually think and use the brain they were born with. No, just "teach the test" it's SO much easier for what passes as teachers, but worse than that, the excuses we have as school administration and school boards who buy into religion and NOT actual science/math/etc..
    America, where are you NOW?
    Yes, part of an old song from the 1960's but also a refrain of mine for many, many years.
    America, where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
    Steppenwolf, "Monster" probably on you tube. Forget iTunes, they charge for everything.
    Working very hard to not cuss like the Marine I once was.

  2. I've said this before, and again, your statement makes it clear you know this already,'s hard to have a rational discussion when one side is no longer rational. They're genuinely full of hate...and, lacking any understanding of why, go out of their way to kick anyone they think is lower in the pecking order.

    And folks like Chris Christie ride that all the way to the bank. Well, until they get caught doing something really stupid. But, that said, some of the wingier of the wingnuts are already leaping to his defense.

    It'd be nice if the rest of the country dismisses him as the bully he is...