Tuesday, January 07, 2014

One Minor Suggestion

From Album 5
A monument to Satan should include Old Dick.


  1. The thing is, add that image of Mr. 5 deferments and it will frighten the kids.
    We have survived the cold snap so far. Supposedly, last night and today will be the coldest. Got into the upper teens last night. Had to go for a doctor appointment today, was almost 40 at 2PM. It is suppose to warm up tomorrow and last I saw, maybe near 70 by the weekend. No wonder people are getting so sick huge temp swings can do that.
    Hope that water line is easy to find and fix.
    Try to stay warm and dry, rain is in our forecast for Friday-Sunday according to weatherunderground.

  2. The water line didn't break, fortunately...it fixed itself with the help of a small ceramic heater and warmer temps. And you can be sure I increased the flow last night.

    Looks like we'll be moderating over the next few days...and I'll take the rain...it's not fun, but the cold is something else, especially in an old house not designed for it.

    Hope your appointment went ok and that you're handling the temp change as well...all in all, it's a big swing, but would rather that than continued deep freeze.