Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And The Hobby Horse They Rode In On...

From Album 5
First, the idea that contraception is abortion is...bullshit. Second, the idea that women would receive "free" contraception under the ACA regulations is...bullshit. Insurance, even under ACA guidelines (with the exception of Medicaid, which wingnut governors are rejecting anyway); anyway, insurance requires people to pay a premium, which isn't tribute. It's part of a contract...and contracts cut both ways.

Besides, Viagra and other boner pills have been covered by insurance since...pretty much since they hit the market. And please don't tell me it's strictly a matter of enabling conception. That's bullshit too.


  1. Yes, that Viagra has been covered is just hypocrisy. Viagra and all this "low T" crap is playing to the vanity of the US male population. I'm 66 and would not want to take any of those meds, let nature take its course. There are now lawyer ads for those who had a stroke or heart attack from the "low T" treatments. As an old TV ad for margarine used to say; "It's not nice to fool mother nature". I knew these meds would come back to bite the vain idiots who took them. You cannot cheat the aging process and get away scot free. We have become so vain in the US that we think(??) we can outsmart nature. HA! We can't even beat a bunch of Afghans wearing robes, sneakers, and carrying AK-47's with all the high tech weapons the US military has. How can any sane person think we can fool or beat nature? It is a mix of our vanity and arrogance in my opinion. That old bugger karma will get its revenge sooner or later.

  2. P.S. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael. Enjoy your "vacation". As another older person told me a few years ago, old age sucks, but it beats the alternative.
    Also, old age is not for sissies.