Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look For The Union Label

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Well, first, this isn't really my issue, but I'm technically "on vacation" (taking a few days off to "celebrate" birthday number, um, 49...yikes...and to do much needed stuff around the house); anyway, while this isn't really my issue, it's hypocrisy in all its glory.

If anyone honestly thinks college athletes are "amateur students," can I interest you in some soon-to-be-drained Florida swampland? And a bridge to get you there? College athletics is big business, it's always been big business -- and there's no reason to not openly pay those very talented athletes who make it a big business...unless you want to cut out ALL money and really see who's in it "for the love of the alma mater and/or the game."

No, I didn't think so.

Besides, the whole concept of amateurism was and is a sham, originally to ensure only select participation, i.e., those people who didn't need to, you know, make an actual living. So, let's grow up, accept reality, and if somehow it does negatively affect the institution...then the institution needs to be affected.

OK, back to the usual tomorrow.


  1. These supposed "student athletes" are just semi-pro players, no matter which sport they play. This has been the case for decades now. Back in the early 1970's, it was after my Marine Corps enlistment was over, "60 Minutes" did a segment on some former college football player. He played his maximum allowed number of years of college ball and when he finished his education could barely read and write his own name. Of course he and his mommy were looking to sue the college. Yes, he should have received an education from grade school on, but what about the responsibility of the parents to see to it that the kid HAD been educated?
    YES, just about every major college/university does treat their "student athletes" much like the old plantation system and the school makes huge profits from TV deals and the sale of "collectibles" while the kids get no money. Well, some do get scholarships, that IS a form of pay. Also, we know that many get sweetheart part time jobs and yes, even cars and/or rent free living quarters. While that is a violation of NCAA rules, every so often a new scandal on this payment comes to light.
    How many of the "student athletes" actually graduate with a useable degree? And NO, a BA/BS in underwater basket weaving is NOT a valid/useable degree.
    The system needs a total overhaul. Either make them BE real student athletes, or just call them semi-pro players and PAY them a salary. Just my 2 cents worth. Now, due to inflation, and the US economic mess that 2 cents is worth about $0.00000014025337.

  2. Absolutely they should be paid--and entitled to workmen's comp. There was a case several years ago involving a former college player who was paralyzed during a game...and the university basically washed their hands. That's just sick.

    Absolutely also on assuming some responsibility for, you know, either growing up or making sure your kids grow up...but I tell you, having worked through college (when that was possible -- no way can you just work these days. You work..and take out loans. That's the only way); anyway, it's not easy working through college even at a desk job. Imagine the work football or basketball players do...hard, physical...and then they're supposed to study? Oh, and they're also young...and I can't claim my youth was pristine. I had my share of fun...and maybe then some.

    No, the whole notion of amateurism is a sham and a scam. It's all about elites ensuring THEY get the glory...while the grunts toil...for them...

  3. Michael, you bring up some excellent truths. I am older, 66 now. I did do two years of college before I enlisted in the Marines. Dad did not want me to go off to war. He'd been in WW2, followed Patton across North Africa, and every other campaign Patton was in.
    When I got out, I had the older GI Bill, got paid depending on course load, so much for full time, half time, etc.. Also if you were married, you got a bit more, also some extra if you had kids, a sliding scale as each kid paid a bit less than the first. I was able to pay all my expenses with work as a machinist apprentice plus my GI Bill monies. We even got married and bought our only house at the time. My wife, who died in Jan 99, was a nurse and we were able to afford it.
    I do have compassion for the people who try to work and pay for college/university today. Yes, they do need student loans. That is a huge rip off. They are treated much differently than any other type of loan. That is criminal in my view.
    I also think the athletes should be paid and YES have workmen's comp also. That applies to ALL of the "student" athletes, men and women. You need to include the ladies as the politicians will pass over them even today. What the colleges and universities do to these athletes is criminal and the system needs a total overhaul. As usual, do not hold your breath waiting for any real change. There is too much money in college sports and the greediest are at the top, as usual. I do not think I am being cynical or sarcastic in this, just truthful.