Monday, March 24, 2014

The Not So Invisible Hand

From Album 5
Not exactly a surprise, but when it comes to business, the only competition little they can pay the workers.


  1. Yes, just how small a pay pack the workers will accept, how few, if any benefits they will ask for, or better yet, give up totally. I said to another friend some years back that jobs will return to the US of A as soon as the rich turn the country into a third world place where the average wage will be less than $3.00 per day. When they get the people to work for slave wages, the jobs will return.
    This law suit is just more proof that the big guys never can have enough. Either they demand we work for less than minimum wage, or get no benefits unless the benefits are ones they like. The rich do live by the golden rule though. Their version states that those who have the gold make the rules. And they still claim to be good Christians.
    On a kinder note, the new Cosmos series is great so far. I watched the entire original series and want to get it on DVD some day. If they offer this one on DVD it will also go on my wish list. I remember Mr. Tyson telling his story about meeting Sagan in more detail on another web video some time back. I believe he was giving a talk at the planetarium he ran and the bulk of the audience were school kids. They asked some good questions and he answered and did not talk down to them. He is a worthy person to take over as the host of the new series. Still wish Sagan was here though.

    I'll have to check that free thought group you mentioned last post, thanks for that.

  2. Happy b-day to you, Michael. Cheers from N.O..

  3. Thanks for the b-day wishes, though as I told someone else, it seems like at this age, my "hobbies" are...chores. Oh well. At least I'm still breathing...and I'll be eligible for AARP in 364 days!

    As for Cosmos versus living in the third world, Charlie -- since yeah, the very real effort by the powers that be to turn us into Brazil of the north makes me ... want to give up sometimes and ... tune in Cosmos. But, just like the original series -- which I remember watching while holding the antenna since that was the only way to get reception in (actually just outside) New Iberia (New Siberia?)...anyway, just like the original series, the new version makes you think...and when you think, you can't help but wonder why on earth they'd want to make us so miserable...and why on earth we should allow it.


  4. Met a real nice chap from New Iberia who stood next to me and my daughters on Magazine St. during the St. Patrick's Day parade. He was in a, um, "festive" mood that had perhaps commenced early that morning. Unfortunately he had the worst luck getting any beads or throws. My girls were of course hauling it in and they shared some of their loot with the Siberian. He was almost overcome with gratitude-- then he loudly celebrated, king of the world style, as if his NOLA visit was now complete.