Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow Up On Sabine Parish Public Schools

From Album 5
Oh, they're going to keep up the hatred, but it's nice to see this...a first step, but still a long journey ahead for tolerance...


  1. From reading the linked article, not much has changed as of yet. Oh well, maybe things will actually change, but I will not hold my breath waiting for that change. If the school refuses to comply, I hope they jail those responsible. Yes, I am that nasty, and a non-believer, so that should qualify my first part of this statement.

  2. You're right, not much has changed, but...it's a start. And yes, the district will kick and scream, and kick and scream some more, and jump at ANY chance to be small-minded...but the decision (by the federal, or, as they probably call it, the Court of Northern Aggression) is a first step. Better than nothing, even if it's just a little better than nothing.

    I'll take any step at this point. Of course, what does suck is that things will finally get noticeably better long after I'm dead and gone, but, then again, a lot of really god people throughout history have had to deal with far worse stuff...guess I'm kind of lucky in comparison..