Monday, March 17, 2014

Let 'Em Eat Potatoes

From Album 5
Paul "Workhouses and Prisons" Ryan insists victims have no one to blame but themselves...


  1. I have said so many times that I lost count decades ago, Americans are not only ignorant of world history, they are very ignorant of American history. It now appears that Mr. Ryan is also ignorant of his own family history. Yes, the Irish famine WAS the product of the vile, greedy English and their disgusting landlords. So much food was shipped OUT of Ireland while the poor Irish starved when the potato blight stuck their crops.
    Today, the very rich eat what they want any time they want it and the poor and the working class struggle to get basic food and decent nutrition. Let the lazy slobs die is their motto. Just like the greedy Victorians of England not that long ago. The rich have never cared about the poor and the working class. The workers are used and abused, treated like sandpaper. When worn out, toss them (it) in the trash.
    Greed kills, always has, always will. And yet, so may claim to be such good Christians. Well, I suppose they are. After all, their very own bible does justify nearly every crime known to man. Even their own Jesus said slaves needed to obey their masters. And people still wonder why I refuse to follow/believe in any religion? In my opinion, religion is responsible for the worst devastation of all sorts ever in all of human history.

  2. Well, whether the religion was toxic to begin with -- and I'm inclined to think so, despite knowing a number of very nice people who are religious -- anyway, whether or not it's inherently toxic, it's without a doubt ugly when interpreted by a brain totally given over to ugly greed.

    Greed itself bothers me. Why on earth would you want to hoard WAY above and beyond even, say, some sort of emergency stash, savings, whatever? To me, that's just stupid and ugly. Yes, we're alone in this world, death certainly imposes a finality that can be...troubling, if you focus too much on it, but the point is to live...and living to the fullest, at least in my limited experience, involves a lot more than obsessive selfishness. Christ, no pun intended, self-interest almost requires at least a basic desire for communal decency. Because otherwise, what have THEY got to lose by going after you?

    But, if you think like a child...

    Well, back to chores over here...