Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So, Just How DID We Reach These Levels Of Economic Inequality?

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I guess Ken Langone doesn't realize how, well, regimented places like, oh, I don't know, Home Depot have become -- which is a major reason WHY economic inequality has become, no, not something to equate opposition to as nascent Third Reich nostalgia, but an actual issue worthy of discussion in a society that calls itself a democracy.

I'm pretty lucky these days to have a job I like in a field I like...but some time back I recall far less desirable employment -- employment regularly punctuated by exhortations of more productivity (because I was "costing" the company) and...monitoring bathroom breaks, of which I was hour a month.

My guess is that Mr. Langone doesn't even have to surrender the key to the executive facility, much less sign in and out. And IF he ever did, well...imagine what analogy he'd come up with...


  1. Oh joy, another billionaire telling us commoners what we should think and how we should think it. I've got an idea for all the very rich in the (not so very) old US of A; France 1789. Yeah, remember what happened when the common folks had no bread to eat. A certain gal name of Marie was supposed to have said "Let them eat cake." Now, we do NOT know if she actually did say that, but we all DO know the results. Yes, that small thing called the French Revolution.
    I don't remember if I have said it on your blog or not, but, I do NOT want to see a violent revolt in this country, ever. That being said, if things keep getting worse for the working class and the poor, there may be no other option. I hope cooler heads will find another way out as too many innocents will get hurt/killed in any revolt that gets violent. Just look at the neo-Nazi take over recently in Ukraine. Innocent people were killed and seriously injured and that deal is not finished yet.
    These super rich are so disconnected from every day reality, they have zero clue how life is for the majority of us. Nor do they care. That will be their downfall, and it will be swift and hard and they will be left to wonder why. I have no compassion for them, as they have none for the rest of us, never did, never will. They do see themselves as being that far above us commoners.
    Sorry to rant on so long. I detest bigots of all stripes, racial, financial, any bigotry of any kind.

  2. Yeah, I"m a little too old for any radical change myself...not that I was ever young enough, by the way...

    I just wish these assholes would spend a day or two in someone else's shoes. Maybe it wouldn't change everyone's mind -- some of these clowns are honest to god sociopaths -- but maybe they'd get over their "I work harder than anyone else" fantasies.

    My personal take is that unless you're harvesting vegetables by hand -- and not picking them from the garden, but actual harvesting on a farm for wages -- then you can't claim to be working "harder than..."

    Besides, the idea is to eventually NOT have to work at backbreaking labor, protestant work ethic nonsense aside. Life's too short, and we already have plenty of chores anyway...