Thursday, March 20, 2014

Putting Him In The 9th Circle Might Be Too Kind

From Album 5
OK, not that I actually believe in a hell, but if there was one, Fred Phelps would be getting used to it right now...


  1. Michael,
    A web site I read every day has a good take on this vile critter. The web site is basically British, but all free thinkers/open minded people are always welcome.
    The web site is at;
    Of course I like the site very much but as you know, I do not believe in or follow any religion. You may find it a nice place to visit.
    It is a bit unfortunate that hell, or at least the biblical hell, does not exist. Most definitely, people, critters actually, like this Phelps thing do deserve an eternity in such a place. If god does exist and if this god actually does hate "fags" (would that be British cigarettes, or homosexuals?) then I refuse to have anything to do with said god.
    I DO remember a little drawing that was posted in a few shops I had worked for. Usually it was some lady who had a copy near her desk or work station. It was a small child (boy or girl, it differed) was seated at a table, arms on the table, hands folded, head bowed. The caption was something like this;"I know I am something cause god don't make no junk." While it is a bit religious, it still is one I like and use even today at times. Usually when I am up against some bigot/idiot, same thing usually.
    Oh, this weeks Friday Catblogging with Photoshop is great. Poor cat, having to be in the company with the war criminals. Oh well, I figure the cat is just trying to keep them semi honest or maybe spying on them to warn us of their newest treachery. Have a super weekend.

  2. Yeah on the cat blogging -- he can handle himself...and he handles me pretty easily as well, i.e., it's his house, I just live here (to feed and keep him company).

    Cool on Freethinker -- I'll check it out. I think I've mentioned Free Thought Hall. It's not been around as long, but is a Madison WI based group promoting similar sanity.

    Speaking of sanity -- am going to watch Cosmos tonight. I've been going to the website to catch it -- on Fox of all places--because my ad stopping software works very well there. It's almost like watching a bug zapper work.