Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not Looking Real Good There...

From Album 5
While I probably exaggerate a bit -- I doubt we'll be seeing helicopters on Green Zone roofs -- the chaos isn't terribly surprising (audio and video at the link). The problem goes back to the wingnut fantasies that are now coming home to roost. And it's going to cost all of us. Damn.


  1. As this looks like a follow up to yesterday, didn't post yesterday, I'll just combine my comments for both days here.
    I like the photo you have today. I see it as very possible, not an over the top idea at all. Same goes for the mess in Afghanistan. Yes, the current and previous administrations dug a deep hole and it will be on the rest of us to bail it out and pay for this entire stupid mess.
    Pay we will too. It may be another attack like 9/11 or even worse. Some how, some way, this will follow us back to the US of A, big time. This country of ours has been acting like a cheap school yard bully for too long for there not to be severe consequences. The bill is going to come due, and I wonder if we can afford to pay it.
    What a damn fool mess we are in. Sick.

  2. I knew --KNEW -- in 2003 that this would eventually bite us. C'mon, most Americans can't point out Loosiana on a map, much less Iraq, and couldn't care less. Duh. Team Cheney led us down the rat hole because he knew he'd make out like a bandit. And he did -- Halliburton's flush with cash, as is Dick. And as to the American casualties? Says aptly named Dick: they volunteered.


    But, back to my assertion: for better or worse, most people in this country can't be bothered. I suppose some wonder why we don't just nuke 'em (gets difficult to explain, you know, between the whole 'because we'd be monsters AND the radioactive fallout would be global, etc.), but I was certain we'd forget about the place or places and find some other shiny object...for wingers, it's Obama hatred.

    But they invadees wouldn't forget. Duh...nothing like GETTING invaded, as even we dim bulb Southerners understand.'s gonna be a mess. I just hope when the neo-cons bark about this, someone reminds them they were promising a quick, clean and low cost war ten years ago. They were wrong then, and even more wrong now.

    Have a good weekend up there. More chores for me, if the weather clears. But that's good. Keeps my mind off stuff. And for easy-to-watch-without-having-to-pay-much attention, I'll catch some soccer games...