Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not That We Needed Further Proof, But...

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But yeah, old Dick was a real piece of work...and consider this, among countless other incidents, whenever wingnuts profess any alleged concern for American lives...or any other lives besides their own.


  1. Why am I not very surprised or shocked by this? Maybe I am too cynical after all. Yes, old tricky Dick was a rat of the lowest sort. He laid the ground work for "saint" Ronnie and the crap we have today. Damn him.
    Probably should add, thanks Dick, because of you and your crap I was given an all expenses paid "Southeast Asian Vacation" 1970-71, we called it the Vietnam war you low life rat. Trying very, very hard to keep to polite language.
    I added some to yesterdays posts also.

  2. Yeah, sounds like your Southeast Asian Vacation was courtesy of folks who make Robert McNamera almost look sympathetic. I watched the Fog of War movie -- I think it's on You Tube or Vimeo -- and he actually seemed kind of remorseful. Of course, it's a lot easier for him, considering...a number of years ago I went to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with a friend who found his cousin's name, and got, well, emotional, and with good reason.

    It just amazes me how casually they'll toss folks away. And, geez, I'm getting cynical if not curmudgeonly, but even with my cynicism, I think, it just makes good sense to minimize loss of life in pursuit of policy aims (you know, the whole Art of War thing -- don't fight if you don't have to). They could've gotten the same deal...and hell, communist or not, Vietnam is part of the global system today (as is China -- so it's obviously not the communism).

    My gut feeling is that the aim -- and it was the same in Iraq -- was to marginalize liberals. The soldiers, the citizens of the respective countries, and so on, are just props.

    And they call themselves Christian, or religious...laff...ironically, they're about as Marxist as it gets -- dialectical materialists, the lot of them.