Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
World Cup edition. I'll be catching matches when I can, because there's nothing wrong with a good game of soccer. Clocks in shorter than American rules, too, since they don't lard down game time with constant commercial breaks.

In other news, John McCain is a shameless hack. But I guess we all knew that.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Yes, the World Cup is on now.
    Also, the Le Mans 24 hour race was this weekend.
    As to McCain,and some wonder why I call him McCrazy and have for many years now. I have also read a few articles where other POW's said he DID get special treatment while a POW because the NVA knew he was the son and grandson of US Navy admirals.He also supposedly, I don't doubt it, ratted out other POW's who may have been making escape plans or something. He was basically a coward who took any and all special treatment he could get. He was no hero in any way in my opinion. Also, as a jet jockey, he never saw combat up close and personal. He had no first hand idea, nor I bet did he care to know, what his bombs did to the people he dropped them on. I saw, up close what those bombs did to the people who were the victims. Let me just say it is NOT pretty and it IS the sort of thing that can give one nightmares decades later. Memories, as one song I like said, memories are like star light, they go on forever. Yes, the good ones AND the bad ones.
    Hope you had a great weekend and caught enough football to suit you and your cat for a day or so.
    Take care Michael, stay safe.

  2. Am enjoying the games, not the least reason being I can do other stuff while they're on...though I did pay closer attention to US/Ghana...though if Ghana had tied or won, I would have thought, well played, good game. No need to take it too seriously, and especially no need to get ugly if/when the US loses. That's kind of the beauty and intrigue: big or small, soccer plays no favorites.

    As to McCain, yes, I've also heard some of the things you mention. Counterpunch ran several stories...but for me, the real tell with McCain was that in the course of his career, he wrecked three planes (including the one he was shot down in). Maybe the last one was questionable as to fault, but the other two were apparently recklessness, and, just my .000000000002 cents worth, I wonder if he was playing with fire on his mission/raid. My dad flew in the Navy -- not fighters, but during Vietnam he flew something called an E-1B, a radar/target spotter. To be sure, he wasn't in the sort of danger fighters might be in from AAA/flack, but dad did his missions honorably, and NEVER wrecked a plane.

    I think McCain wanted to outdo his father and grandfather (both big brass in the Navy) and knew he couldn' least until after he came back, left his first wife, married a trophy/beer heiress, and bought a Senate seat. For this he's the "maverick." Christ -- watching the media fawn all over him really irks the shit outta me...

    Hope you enjoyed the endurance race...have never watched LeMans, but when I was young I read about Dan Gurney...different time, then, I guess...