Monday, June 09, 2014

Too Nutty For Cliven Bundy...

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That's saying something.


  1. Well, the old "reap what you sow" comes to mind here. The idiotic embrace by the elephant gang and even going so far as to fund the "tea party" (it WAS started by some very prominent elephant gang members) and of course Faux Noise among others has got us to this sort of crap.
    There is becoming less civility in the US of A today. What used to be common decency is gone, nearly dead and buried even. The rise of Reich wingers is frightening, and these two moronic clowns are just the beginning. I tend to agree that every time that a member of the donkey gang occupies the White House these crazies come out of the woodwork. Add the fact that the current occupant is not "white" skinned and well, you know. Yeah, more and more crazy.
    Such "brave" clowns also, such "patriots" and whatever. Bull crap. I'll bet the vast majority of them have never even served in the military and the few who may have never saw combat. Just blow-hards with guns. Still frightening, but when others start shooting at them, watch them run for home and cry for mommie. Damn cowards.

  2. Indeed -- and just today there was another school shooting. In their zeal for "freedom" (quotes intentional), they're doing a hell of a job in reverting to the proverbial Hobbesian state of nature, where life is nasty, brutish, and short, as he put it.

    To be fair and fully disclose, I've not actually read Hobbes himself, but I do think civil society beats war of all against all.

    And...I remember Barbara Ehrenreich pointing out 20 years ago that Tim McVeigh types were a ticking time bomb -- they've been fed the hyper anti-government rhetoric while (nice way of describing them) the elephant gang has been robbing them blind to the point where the American Dream is ... a low wage job and a squalid rental unit...if you're lucky. Add easy guns to the mix...

    And the same rip off is happening overseas, with similar consequences

    Even more amazing is that it's not like this hasn't happened before -- but I guess the elite-of-the-elite are so convinced of their innate superiority that they can't be bothered by the lessons of history.

    Sometimes I just want to say "wake me up when it's over,' but of course I'd get pulled down in the rip tide like everyone else...

  3. Michael,
    I agree with you. As to the "wake me when it's over", oh heck yes. I have felt that way many times and probably will again soon. In fact, I have cut back on my web reading of news and opinions of late. Need a break from so much all the time. You won't stop for the same reason I can't/won't, you care. If you didn't care, there would be no blog here, or a very different one.