Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"A Liturgy of Absolution"

From Album 5
Rick Perlstein on Ronaldus Magnus...I'm adding his latest book to my ever expanding list.


  1. Michael, many thanks for this post. Yeah, another book added to my "need to buy" list also. That list is so long, if I lived to be 500, I'd still almost get about 1/3 done with it.
    Dad despised "saint" Ronnie with a passion. He died the Saturday of the same week Ronnie won as our acting president in 1980. We joked for a while that Ronnie killed Dad. All during that campaign, you did not dare to mention the name of the "saint" in Dads' house.
    Ronnie had been the governor of California and at the time, I didn't pay that close attention to politics. Too busy with school, apprenticeship, and work (60 hours per week in the machine shop). My wife at the time was a nurse, she had worked for some years at a state mental hospital and dislike Ronnie for the way he cut and nearly eliminated totally the state mental health care. He screwed California and then the entire country. Just imagine if Herr Booby Jindal were to get the office of president and you know how they felt about Ronnie. I later despised his ass for the crap he did as our acting president. And yes, I did and still do call him the acting president. In that movie, "Bed time for Bonzo", the real star and best actor was Bonzo. Just my own (not at all humble) opinion.
    The reviews of the book at Amazon are worth it being on my must buy list and when you also did so, well, I need to read it for sure.
    Thanks again for the tip Michael. Have a great weekend and stay cool if you can.

  2. Thank heavens I never drank the Reagan Kool Aid either, though a lot of people my age did...fortunately I appreciated the points of view of some older folks that sounded a lot like your dad...and to think Reagan is now considered "reasonable," at least on the scale of modern wingnut lunacy. Good lord.

    Anyway, tomorrow is back to the steambath of summer least I was able to enjoy a couple of days, and hope I can do the outdoor chores on Sunday. Just another day. Hope your own weekend goes well.