Monday, July 28, 2014

The Vast Wasteland...Just Got Significantly More Vast

From Album 5
Yet another channel I'll never watch.


  1. Seriously? $10.00 per month? For a channel by and for failin' Palin? They have to be kidding. Wait, they are serious and it will be $10.00 per month? Holy crap! Well, 'Merikkka IS going down the drain for sure now. This has got to be near the ultimate insult to the TV set. Even worse than the Kardashians and that is unwatchable. More like Honey boo-boo goes idiotic, another show that the promos were an absolute turn off and allowed me to see all of it that I ever wanted to see, actually way more than I ever wanted to see.
    A failed, half term governor and lost cause vice presidential candidate, later a Faux Noise "contributor", now gets set to launch her own channel. Oh joy 'Merikkka, some fools must be so proud and over joyed even. Any bets it shuts down before it is a year old? How long before the quitter quits her own channel? Just thinking out loud here............LOL. Well, as you said, another channel I'll never watch.

  2. I'm sure the Sarah Palin channel will be on endless hell...that'll be how I know, haha. OK, maybe not on endless loop...but interspersed with the shows you mention...and Duck Dynasty...and the Duggars.

    Well, I guess you're supposed to suffer...