Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Totally Hep Cat

From Album 5
That's right, Bill O'Reilly's totally down with what's up in the ghetto...


  1. Having troubles with the first link, to esquire. No big deal.
    Oh swell, Bill O again, lil' Billy O'Liely rides again, and again..................ad infinitum it seems. Don't you just want these morons to just shut up and go away, far, far away? I sure do. He is such a clown, but NOT a funny one. I could go on about his religious upbringing, but oh crap, I did something like that on two other blogs this week already, not on Billy, but religion in general, so I'll let it go for now.
    Wore out now, but that is OK, got all my work done, just one post office run in the morning left to do.

  2. Hope the esquire link is back up...just checked it. But you can also go straight to the politics page. It's Charles Pierce.

    Oh, Billo (as Keith Olbermann called him) is a piece of work. If he'd been librul, the sexual harrassment suit would've permanently drummed him out of any serious consideration. But, it's ok if you're a wingnut, eh? Hell, not my favorite, but Phil Donahue got canned not for being an asshole, but for not being gung-ho about Dubya's Iraq debacle. By the way, Frontline re-ran their Clusterfuck Iraq show last night and it's probably on the website. God...death by the thousands, both us and them, and the architects are strictly concerned with...their reputations.

    Sangfroid doesn't even begin to describe.

    Anyway, back to stuff here, hope your day went well, and take it easy, as always...