Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Episode of Pee Wee Boehner

From Album3
Couldn't organize a two car motorcade...but comes up with perhaps the most frivolous lawsuit ever.


  1. Well, we have known for some time that the orange man is a total wuss and a wimp. This just proves it once again. Why is Cruz in the House any way? He was elected to the senate and needs to stay over there and stay out of the House. They have more than enough tea clowns in the House as is.
    What the hell? They are suing the goddamn drone king for not doing something fast enough that THEY spent tons of time trying to kill? This is beyond insane, way beyond. They ALL need to spend decades inside a padded room wearing those nice jackets with lots of buckles that hold the arms behind them. They could be spoon fed, or better yet, they could be force fed like they do to those held at Gitmo. THAT would be a damn nice start to real reform of the idiotic gummint in D.C.
    Have a great weekend Michael. I'll try to stay dry here...........LOL, raining today here most all day.

  2. Got rained on pretty good over here at lunchtime. Oh well -- I won't melt. Anyway, yeah, broken record with me, but they're...such goddamned crooks and liars (yes, another blog name, but a good one) do they live with themselves? Oh, right: delusions of grandeur.

    Have a good weekend there as well...sorry for the short comment. Mildly busy, though in a good way for the first time in a while...

    Take it easy.