Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Sticking with the Dick's Downfall theme, since today is the anniversary of the resignation...actually, I dimly remember a honk-for-impeachment advocate on a Washington street during a trip I took there way back in 1973 as a child. No, my dad, driving the station wagon, didn't honk...despite our encouraging him...

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh man, I missed reading your site yesterday. Well, better late than never. It was a real bad day for me, not an excuse just the truth.
    OK, as to the post I missed. Well, he IS right. We ARE screwed, big time when that happens. Notice I did not say if, as it will because IF we humans actually get off our collective hind ends and begin to really work at it, well, it most likely will be too little and way too late. Sorry to all those 30 and younger, we tried to wake people up, but they refused to listen.
    Oh, have you bought groceries of late? Notice the bill at check out is higher than last month and you didn't buy much "extra"? Yeah, me too, Tuesday and it WAS higher and we did not buy much out of the usual. Higher fuel prices DO make all other prices jump up. Thanks war and global warming, which is made ever worse by more damn war.
    OK, end of rant or I'll get the boot from Tigg. I know about cat claws......LOL Still have the scars....%P
    But man, I DO like cats all the same. Hey, extra cat treat for Tiggs.

  2. Sorry for the bad day...hope the rest of the weekend was a bit better. And hope the heavy rain isn't causing problems. Over here, we've got dark skies...and a tree limb fell into the street (was small enough to move, fortunately)...but, also fortunately, no heavy rain...yet.

    Meanwhile, Tigger is comfortable...on my lap right now, but he's got a healthy fear of lightning and thunder. to being screwed, um...yes. Between massive changes that will cost trillions of dollars -- it's not easy relocating coastal dwellers -- AND the ongoing Middle East clusterfuck...ouch. What were they thinking. Yeah, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad, and Qaddafi were/are assholes...but who isn't over there? And...what do I even mean by asshole? What citizens there actually like...we might find...difficult.

    Or worse, some REAL assholes like ISIS/ISIL, who really don't give a shit, might just figure that terrorizing folks is pretty easy if they've got motive, means (our weapons that they steal) and...opportunity, like when Bush/Cheney/Neo-Cons et al thought it'd be dandy to whack the hornet's nest with a baseball bat and see what happened.


    Meanwhile, was stuck at work yesterday on a project that...unfortunately didn't quite turn out as planned. Well, at least we've ruled out one possible source of the problem...but now back to the drawing board.

    Take it easy, again, hope things are looking a bit better.