Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tell Us What You Really Think, Representative

From Album 5
Ah, so now it's Alabama wingnut Mo Brooks' turn to figuratively block the schoolhouse entrance and loudly wail about a "war on whites"...oh, what am I thinking? They don't believe in public education anyway, unless it's a convenient excuse to field a football team.


  1. Oh man, the elephant gang just gets further and further into loon land. Where do they dig up these creatures from? Is there some special sewer somewhere in the US they get them from? How can any elected official be this stupid? The more absurd their comments, the more the tea clowns seem to love them. I swear, the intelligence of this country has got to be 150,000 points lower than at any time in its entire history. And yes, I do mean from the first time any human being set foot on either North or South America and stayed long enough to actually live here.
    This just reminds me that every time I think I have seen/heard the MOST stupid thing ever, some damn clown, like this one, comes along and goes the stupid one better. Apparently, there is NO limit to stupid.
    A quote that is supposed to be from old Albert Einstein is; There are only two things that are limitless. The universe and human stupidity. And I am not so certain of the universe. Yes, there is NO limit to stupid. Almost makes me sort of wish I did believe in some religion or other. At least then I'd be able to pray to some doG for help/mercy/etc..
    Oh well, and so it goes...........
    have a great day Michael. Best to cat also.

  2. Oh, they LOVE playing the victim...guess it justifies their decidedly un-Xtain attitudes...and actions.

    Apparently Brooks has been doubling down on the "whites are the real victims." Sigh -- but, then again, it's Alabama...and a few states away, old Jesse Helms made a career out of that sort of ugly race baiting.

    Meanwhile the real fat cats get fatter and fatter...and hell, if the poors/minorities were actually taking that much from the rest of us, well...they wouldn't be poor. But I guess that kind of logic is lost on these folks...who'll gleefully give away salary, working conditions, and even taxes (they say they hate taxes, but they sure don't mind taxes building prisons...and sports stadiums), anyway, they'll give it all away just so they can hate someone.

    The story continues.

    Thanks for the should out to good old Tiggs -- he says "meow."

    Take it easy.