Monday, August 04, 2014

The Not-So-Invisible Hand

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I don't think farmers should be deprived of their right to make a living, nor do I think we need to revert to a pre-Industrial Age level of energy consumption...but let's not pretend that actions don't have consequences.

However, on the flip side of the coin, and contrary to what con artists like Paul.Ryan say, making changes isn't some librul conspiracy, but might actually have real tangible benefits, both on an economic level...and as a matter of survival as a first world nation...


  1. It still amazes some people that the first Earth Day, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, were all passed during the reign of old tricky Dick Nixon. Nixon was more of a liberal than the drone king, our (ig)Nobel piece prizident ever was or will be.
    Yes, we, the country, DID do something about pollution. Once upon a time that is. Now, thanks to "saint" Ronnie of Raygun and useless idiots like Paul Ryan, all that has been or is being totally undone. Oh, I almost forgot to give Billy Bob Bubba Clintstone HIS due for aiding in the dismantling of those environmental laws in addition to his repeal of Glass-Steagal. What a rat he was. And now Hi-Larry thinks(??) she should be our next president? Some choice we'll get in 2016 assuming I'll still be here that is. What a country.

  2. Though less odious than HW or Bob Dole, I was never much of a Billary fan either -- oh, I voted for him in 92, just to get away from Rethuglicanism that ran the executive branch for my entire adulthood at that point...and, come to think if it, ever since, given the rightward shift. But I protest voted in 96, and never could figure out why old Bill tried to appease the rats...even to the pint of eulogizing Richard Scaife the other day. Well, unless, like you've said before, they're two sides of the same loaded much can they get us to give up to their fat cat Bob Rubin. Sigh.

    Over at Talking Points Memo they've got an excerpt from Rick Perlstein's latest on Ronnie Raygun--what.a.dick. He made his fame and fortune bashing the California left, even though he waltzed his way through life without so much as breaking a sweat...sad to say, I lived in California during part of his tenure as governor, but hope I can be forgiven since I was...all of three years old. Still..

    Oh, here's the excerpt

    Might as well stay informed. It's infuriating, but I find ignorance even more frustrating...

    Have a good one.