Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It Was 20 40 Years Ago Today This Week

From Album 5

Should I call it Dick Week, 40 years on? Or Dick's Downfall? Sure, why not? It's my little corner of the internet...

Anyway, while the serious and (maybe) slightly less serious shows mark the milestone, I'll devote today's post to my favorite actor-as-Nixon (Philip Baker Hall merits a really close second)...and while this was truly inspired (and still makes me laugh) the lack of a transcript as well as the timing makes this more appropriate...and damn if Madeline Kahn isn't sorely missed.


Oh, apologies on the abrupt ending...for some reason the only videos I could find leave out the actual ending, where Kahn/Pat tells Dick to "throw another tape on the fire."


  1. Thanks for the memories. Back then SNL was still actually funny to me. The clip of Acroyd and Kahn is still funny as anything they ever did on the show.
    While it was a traumatic time for the country, it could be made funny. The crap we are living through now, not so much. Seriously, how could you make the (ig) Nobel Prizident having his personal kill list and the weekly meeting to decide who on the list gets droned during the coming week into comedy? It would be the blackest, darkest sort of comedy, I just fail to see how we could laugh at it and still claim to be decent human beings. Times do change and not always for the better, as we know today without
    doubt. Sorry to get so negative on this post of yours, but it really WAS a different time when old Nixon quit. Of course it had helped that he'd been the butt of jokes many times before.
    Great memories from the post today Michael.
    Best to you and Tigg.

  2. Well, I'm beginning to wonder if it's all academic anyway, what with the news I reference in today's post...yikes...but yeah, I miss old Saturday night live. By the way, I remember reading that the Final Days sketch was written by Al Franken and Tom Davis...and when they got stuck, they ended up getting over the writer's block with...acid. Haha. Drug-inspired entertainment.

    Well, as bad as global warming's going to be, it won't kill everyone...but damn if the survivors aren't going to curse the wingnut clowns who brought it on....

    Take it easy.