Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Great War Edition, link courtesy of Dr. Krugman...sorry if it looks a little hurried. Had to deal with a minor catastrophe, no pun intended: the condensation drain on the a/c was not draining fast enough, which meant a pretty significant leak greeted me upon getting home. Ugh. Looks like it's fixed, at least for now...I hope.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Michael, sorry about that leak. If possible, get a portable air tank and hose with nozzle and blow the line out. May need to get an a/c repair person to do it if you don't have access to an air tank with accessories. That will clear any obstructions for sure. Need good air pressure to make it work well. If you have a compressor or know a friend who has a small one borrow it and blow out the drain line if you can get to it. Make sure the end the is outdoors is clear also. You probably know most of this, if so, sorry for being redundant or whatever it is I am being here.
    Many thanks for the link to the WW1 war cats. Very interesting and great old photos as well. I knew a bit about having cats on sailing ships, but not mush about cats in the trenches, but it does make good sense, they kept the rats and mice under some control. Funny how after the European Christians decided (yeah good move) cats were "familiars" of the devil, they had massive rat/mice troubles. Cats ARE good for people. Cats could save humanity, IF humanity will ever learn from them.
    Sorry about the loss of the chair. Oh well, stuff happens.
    Have a better weekend than today went. Yes, another hot time in Louisiana this weekend, here too.

  2. Well, so far so good on my quick repair...looks like the line was ok, except that it was partly buried in the ground, which probably caused the backfill. Between drilling a few holes in it, and shimming the catch pan, all has been ok...because the last thing I needed was more repair bills.

    And today the heat's dissipated a bit with the rain.

    Hope you managed ok, and are managing ok...looks like plenty rain up there, too.

    And...if/when this happens again -- ironically I just bought a small air compressor/tank, for a nail gun that will hopefully get some use once the weather cools. Have a couple of projects on the ongoing list. But...if it needs to do extra duty cleaning condensation lines, it's there.

    Now off to regular evening chores ... and cat care.