Monday, August 18, 2014

Pill Popper Slimes Pot Smoker

From Album4
That would be Rush Hillbilly-Herion-and-"borrowed"-boner-pills Limbaugh once again channeling his inner bloated asshole...


  1. Yeah, way to go there Rush Limpburger. How "decent" and so very "humane" of you to try and smear the dead young man. We know Rush is below sub-human by any decent standards, but this shit must stop, NOW. ENOUGH!!!!! Enough of this smearing the victim.
    I do NOT give a flying fart in hell (which does NOT exist) how much pot this young man had smoked or how much alcohol he had drunk before being killed in cold blood by some really sick bastard with a badge and a gun. That has NO bearing on the FACT that a young black man was KILLED for NO valid reason at all. There are so many conflicting reports as to the events leading to his killing so I cannot comment on his demeanor just before his execution by cop.
    He could have been detained and arrested IF need be. Instead, he was killed. Six bullets in his body, and apparently two were head shots. Were those head shots at close range, AFTER he was on the ground with FOUR previous bullets in him from this cop? Best they were.
    And why in bloody hell do the local cops "need" an MRAP and all that ex-military gear? The local police forces are becoming more and more like mini armies. The photos of Ferguson looked more like Gaza than the US of A. What the hell is this country coming to?
    Well, as I have been saying for years now; 'Merikkka, what a country.
    Courtesy of Steppenwolf; America, where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now? We can't fight alone against the monster.
    Almost, notice I say "almost", makes me sort of wish I did buy into some religion, at least then I'd be able to pray to some god/doG to stop the madness now. Ah, the "joys" of being an old heathen/pagan, no gods/doGs to "pray" to, just my own self to rely upon and of course my ability to rant about injustice.
    Oh, if you ever have time and don't get too easily bored, feel free to stop by by little blog at;
    I always welcome comments and even approve some of them and post them with my replies to them.
    Take care Michael, it is getting to be a very dangerous place, this 'Merikkka in 2014. And here we have been told that since 9/11 (when everything changed) that "we" (that is 'Merikkka) was now a much safer country, due to, in part, the "patriot act" (intentionally in lower case), the NDAA, and other various laws that restrict our freedoms and shred the old US Constitution, the very same one I swore to uphold and defend when I enlisted. By the way, when I was discharged, like every other veteran of the US military I know, none of us were ever told that oath was no longer valid or that it no longer applied to us. We, other vets and myself, think it IS still valid and DOES apply to us.
    Or are we all just too stupid for words? Maybe so, but in any case I believe the oath IS still valid and I will defend the Constitution. As Smedley Butler said; there are ONLY two reasons for war; 1) to defend OUR homes and 2) to defend the Bill of Rights (which as you know IS a vital part of the US Constitution.
    Thanks for your time reading this rant. Hope you and Mr. Tigg have a great week and a fun weekend. best to you and yours,

  2. Take it easy as well, Charlie...sorry for the short comment here, but will take a look at The Old Soapbox...and time to do the evening chores before reeling in yet another day...