Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Minor Adjustment

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But do we really feel any more free? Or even any more safe? No link today, but I'm sure you can browse and come across any number of horrible things, from the murder of Michael Brown, to the murder of Ezell Ford in Los Angeles, to the murder of journalist James Foley in ISIS/ISIL occupied Mesopotamia, to -- ok, one link -- the awful fate that awaits many of the Central American children who risked their lives trying to reach the US...all while the wingers demand even more know, it didn't work during the Reign of Terror, it didn't work for Germany in the 1930s...and it won't work now.

But a lot of people will die in the interim...


  1. Great commentary. We are NOT safer for all these idiotic wars of choice. Actually, the US of A is at greater risk now than we were in 2000. We make new enemies every time we kill some innocent human in another country. I say we, but mean a collective "we", as in the US gummint and the military/intelligence(??)/war industry complex. In short, the merchants of death, those who order and do the killings.
    What is making it all so much worse, so many innocents will be killed and/or harmed. The US of A is making more and more enemies every hour of every day. This madness must stop or this country will be even more reviled than Nazi Germany or Stalinist USSR ever has been. The US of A has been acing like a big school yard bully, and we know, nobody really likes a bully.

  2. Violence rarely ends up working in the long run, as history has demonstrated...over and over. But it does cause suffering, resentment, revenge...and it feeds on itself like, Palestine/Israel.I was going to just say Palestine, but...let's be grown ups and accept that a nuclear nation isn't going anywhere.

    Now, it'd be nice if they'd stop acting like juveniles.

    And that goes for all the craziness. Geez,