Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mayberry RFD SWAT

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So, as long as you strictly do exactly as you're told by the officer, you're free to...well, obey, as I said last week...but of course, Mayberry would never get the SWAT treatment, right? And race has anything to do with it...no, of course not...nope...no way...


  1. What we were taught about the US of A back in high school civics class, I graduated High school in 1966, is gone, long gone it seems and feels now. That what went down in Ferguson actually happened here, in the United States is beyond belief.
    Apparently, we, as a nation, have learned absolutely ZERO from say, the Watts riots and later, the Rodney King fallout after the first trial when ALL to LA cops were found not guilty. I lived through both of those riots as they happened during the time I lived in SoCal (Southern California). They were dark days to be sure, but I had thought that the country would learn from them. And people ask me why I am not an optimist? When we see what just happened in Missouri, how can any semi-sane, half way rational human being be the least bit an optimist?
    Trust me Michael, I do NOT enjoy being pessimistic, I try to be realistic and my brand of realism tells me that we have yet to see the real fallout from Ferguson and the country will, again, probably NOT learn much, if anything from it all.
    So very, very sad. This country, the United States of America had such great promise. It could never be perfect, nothing humans do or ever will do can be perfect, but, this country HAD such real, honest promise to be better than other systems of government. Yes, past tense, and that also is very depressing. All we can do is to try and treat every person we come in contact with the way we want to be treated.
    I'll stop for now. Thanks for stopping by my little blog and for your comments. I don't post often, surprised myself and did two today.......LOL.
    Stay safe young man, best to you and Mr. Tiggs.

  2. Michael, I just read an article and added it to my rant on my blog. Here is the link for you. It is by Bill Quigley and was found by me at Dissident Voice today.
    I think it is a MUST read.

  3. Violence, in the end, only begets more violence...here and elsewhere.

    For instance, seeing the journalist get murdered in Iraq -- sad to say, I KNEW that kind of crap was going to happen. As monstrous as Saddam Hussein was, the reality on the ground is that the only people crazy enough to dissent were/are likely MORE monstrous. And the whole point of Saddam Husseins/Hosni Mubaraks, et al, were to keep a lid on things. Not that I like that, but it was the reality...and once the power vacuum arose, someone was going to fill it.

    And no way was it going to be a benevolent democrat. Yet, all the wingnuts insisted it would be a cakewalk, the Arab Spring, Democracy and Free Markets and boy them libruls sure were dumb to question...yeah, right. And when they were proved wrong, they slapped a coat of paint on it (the surge) and walked away, blaming ..the libruls.

    So it goes...

    Well...just read the Bill Quigley article. Thanks for sending it along...that's what I meant, but of course Quigley is much more coherent.