Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
iWatch edition...not an endorsement, though. No problem or quarrel with Apple or anything like that, I just probably won't ever buy one...

Have a good weekend.


  1. I have an iMac. Right now it is down, needs a new power supply and I have no intention of driving to red stick to get it fixed by Apple. I see they have another Apple store in Lafayette now. Still well over 50 plus miles from Alexandria though. I found the part online and even instructions. Now to find a computer repair shop here that will try the work for me. An apartment does not have the room to work on it and I don't have all the tools I'd need now either.
    Tigger doesn't look very happy to be on that iWatch though. Or is that his "normal" look? His photo anywhere would be great, he just looks a tiny bit uncomfortable to me on that iWatch though. Maybe it is just me this evening, it was a fairly busy day and my eyes are getting tired. Tell Mr. Tigger he looks darn good anywhere he visits on Friday for the blog.
    Have a great weekend Michael and Tigger.
    Stay dry, we had rain this evening, lots of it. Not hard, just steady.

  2. Well...shit. Forgot to log on and lost my first reply. Anyway, the pic of Tigger is just one that was easy to cut the background out of. I've of course got lots of pictures of him (it's not like I'm gonna take selfies with the phone camera, hahaha), but that one was easy to edit, so now it's pretty much the basic picture.

    By the way, he's here...on the good chair. I'm on the lesser one. Cats do that. Oh well. He looks comfortable.

    Understand your concerns about swapping out the power supply, though a decent repair shop should be able to do that pretty rapidly. If you're more comfortable with actual Mac Techs, I also understand, but a power supply shouldn't be too much trouble. I've done a few, albeit on larger boxes...and with space and tools.

    Well...damn...expounded on Mac, Linux/Unix, and, um, Windoze, but since it's lost in the it goes...maybe I'll comment again in the future. But have a good weekend, Guess I should get busy with the evening over here. Take it easy.