Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meanwhile, At The Other End Of Pennsylvania Avenue

From Album4
Irony is either dead or on extended recess. Dick. Cheney. Is how we got in this mess to begin with. And some insist he's right? Waste and fraud doesn't even begin to explain Dick.


  1. Cheney was right? When? Ever? About anything? Seriously, any who say that must be candidates for the old rubber room at the very least. Mr. 5 Deferments is a total waste of space at his very best.
    I for one, do NOT want any sort of revenge for the two reporters who were beheaded at all. We need to realize that the US of A is partly responsible for the creation of ISIS or whatever the hell they call themselves today. Along with NATO/EU/zionist entity and of course the Saudis and the other Gulf oil "kingdoms". THEY created and still fund ISIS today. Just like that monster a certain "doctor" created in the Mary Shelley story way back.
    Cheney was right? Bull poop! In his dreams, maybe. Even then, I doubt it.

  2. IS/ISIS/ISIL is the bastard demon child of the whole sorry PNAC/Neo-con enterprise. Christ. The only proper "revenge," if you could call it that, would be to try to figure out who isn't a bloodthirsty ghoul (hint -- no one on either side of the present horror) and do whatever we can to help them rebuild...which will NOT include any military operations. Sigh. I read at Juan Cole that the Yemen/Somalia reference might have been a tell in the sense that Obama doesn't want to do this, but will cover his flank...while we can all just hope like hell eventually things might calm down a bit.

    Hell, THEIR best option (they being the powers that be) was outlined years ago by war criminal Henry Kissinger, may he rot eternally...but, much as I hate the guy, he nailed it: their option is another Saddam. Go figure. Iraq itself, as you know, and the greater Middle East, isn't exactly a cohesive nation state as Westerners tend to think of these things. It was cobbled together, along with other entities in the region, as part of the Sykes Picot agreement...divide the resources from the people, to make it easier for the West to exploit.

    Saddam was just one of a long line of useful henchmen.

    And...hell, Cheney can barely tie his own shoelaces without massive government assistance. His single non-government action at Halliburton was to take over Manville Corporation, without realizing they were on the hook for the biggest asbestos liability in history. Dumbass. Old Dick likes to pretend he's some sort of evil genius, when he's really just an incompetent nincompoop.

    So it goes.

    Well, time to put out garbage over here, grab a bite, and relax before another day tomorrow. At least the weekend's almost here...