Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Hey, How About Literacy Tests?

From Album 5
Or maybe counting only three fifths of the African American vote?

The more things change...


  1. First off, why bother with either of the two "animal" gangs? It was once said that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between them. Well, since about 1992, first term of Billy Bob Bubba, I have been saying that they are just the two sides of the same damn coin.
    They both screw the working class and the poor, but, the donkey gang claims to "like" us more and at least smile at us as they screw us. The elephant gang just glowers at us as they screw the workers and the poor, disabled, elderly, etc..
    Not surprised that a "white" male in Georgia says what this asshat did here. It would be news if he liked that the churches were helping voters get to the polls.
    OK, this may sound nasty, but to me, Fran is a female name. Just saying..........%-P

  2. Well, there was Fran Tarkenton, who, come to think of it, was also from Georgia, but he's also an odd one. Didn't mind his athletic skills, but have found him to be a little ... well. looks from the Wikipedia page he's got at least some association with Tony Roberts...as did old Bill Clinton...sigh. Elites know how to keep their own pulling the strings.

    Lesser of evils? Yes...but that's all, both for Bill and Obama...though the fact that these same elites don't object to the hyper-vitriol (librul/socialist/black panther) speaks volumes....keeps the rest of us in line...and then they'll foist someone like Cheney on us as a reminder of "the alternative."

    Damned if you do...

    Guess I should be "grateful" I'm unlikely to be around when all hell DOES break loose. It's not going to be pretty...though the shame is that it doesn't have to be like this...no, I'm not a dreamy-eyed pie-in-the-sky-can't-we-all-get-along sort, but just a little control over our violent and/or selfish impulses could go a long way...except that too many demagogues happily pander to those tendencies...