Monday, September 08, 2014

Opinions Differ On Shape Of Earth

From Album 5
And apparently on the cruelty of "peculiar institutions."

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  1. Well, no surprise that the our "acting" president was racist. He was also anti-union, what he did to the Air Traffic Controllers. Funny, as he had once been president of a union, the Screen Actors Guild.
    As a line from an old Kristofferson song goes; "He's a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.......".
    Of course with old "saint" Ronnie of Raygun, it was nearly 99.999% fiction. He probably thought he and 4-F John Wayne had won WW2 on their own, with a few minor "supporting actors", being all those real troopers and sailors.
    That he supposedly had Alzheimer's is NO excuse for me.
    That untouched (as in NOT altered in any way) is a shining example of his mind set or mindlessness. Your choice.
    I think he was delusional. Actually in my opinion, anybody who wants to be the president of the US of A MUST be subjected to a very intense psych exam. I figure only tow types want that job; to grab all the power and perks they can, or they are totally nuts and should be put in a padded room, for as long as it takes to "cure" them of their delusions of grandeur.
    Not sure if you ever read anything by the late and missed columnist Art Buchwald, but he did one that was carried by the LA Times after Watergate. He wrote that as few wanted to get even close to politics at that time, we might need to draft people into congress/government positions like we drafted kids into the military to go to war. He even went as far as saying he could see them protesting with signs like the Vietnam war protesters; "Hell NO! We won't go!". It was great and I laughed so hard, Dad read it and laughed as well. Wish I had saved a copy of that one. I do not remember much else about that article but Art was usually funny and he always had a good point but used humor to grab you and then hit you with the moral or main point. Oh, he had also been a Marine in his mis-spent youth, as I did. There endeth the similarity between us.( Just had to add that last comment, for the LOLs { 8-P} )

    p.s. having nasty troubles with my blog. wrote a good little odd post, hit publish, the dashboard said it was published, but it cannot be seen on the blog. Well, tomorrow is find help from Word Press day, having one nasty time getting links into posts as well. Rats, may have to go back to blogger for my blog. Been there, done that)
    Have a great day. Hope you and Mr. Tiggs are OK and cool and dry.

  2. Yeah, both Word Press AND Typepad I've heard stuff about...blogger used to be equally crappy, but has improved marginally since Google took it over.

    Oh, old Ronnie -- you know, I had some sympathy for PATCO, and still do, kind of, sort of -- air traffic control is stressful -- but...they came out for Raygun in 1980 (kind of like how the Teamsters went for Nixon, though I guess some of that was Hoffa v. RFK)...anyway, PATCO was big for Ronaldus...and then got slapped around like a rented mule. Hope they learned their lesson.

    And the Alzheimers -- grrr -- no, that's no excuse. It's also something that should have been noted. I remember in 1984 when, during "debate" number 1 against Mondale, Raygun seemed, well, lost. That actually made headlines -- but then everyone, including Mondale, all laughed when Ronnie told his joke in debate number two. It was like they were laying down for him...and they were. Which is why, even today, Democratic is merely the lesser of evils for me...even Clinton and Obama..Anyway...oh, and Lesley Stahl said she remembered how feeble Raygun was sometime in the early/mid 80s...but that sure never made it to the news.

    But...if it'd been Carter...or Clinton, or hell, Obama, or any Democratic President, you can bet there would've been headlines. Which makes me wonder why Democrats like them...are so desperate to "work together."

    Oh, wait, that's they saying goes, The Democratic Party despises their liberal base (the Rethugs fear their wingnut base, because they could cause it all to crash to the floor/through the floor, and god only knows how far after that). more thing: as good as Buchwald was, no, gotta disagree on his idea that pols would have to get drafted. Nope, there are always grifters out there, and holding office is one of the easiest ways to grift, since it', if not ethical...but hey, when has ethics factored in? The ones hollering loudest about "debt" are the first to stadiums, more cost plus defense contracts...they'll manufacture a crisis or let one develop just so they can push the cash to their buddies.

    I guess the one fortunate thing is that we've got enough of a cushion to kind of, sort of, afford it. Being the reigning superpower will do that, I suppose. But damn if the fall won't be with a thud ... even as, if they actually did the right thing, if only by random chance or the law of averages, we'd still do ok... but...I don't see it, especially after watching the last six years if not the last forty...